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Krick marketplace aspects.

L Treefeller. you are really good at destroying trees, x4dmg vs Wood.
L Syncronized sister/brother 2 aspects that are both required for any effect. the one with sister gets a bonus of + 100 gnosis regen when standing right next to the brother, and the brother gets a +3 strength bonus while standing right next to the sister.
L Amplifier of essence. Gives + 1strength to anyone within 3m
L Tormentor of the killer. Cause the memories of those the target has killed to torment it.
L Parter of the veil. gives you the ability to see through and navigate the crystal realm (afterlife)
L Flameweaver. Allows the solidification of fire.
L Taste. You are now able to taste things.
L Hunt. When hunting something your followers gain bonuses (does not need to be animals of prey)
L Wingsprouter Allows wings to sprout from your shoulders and lets you glide through the air, if you constantly spend all your gnosis you can even fly.
L Builder. you and your followers are more adept at building.
L Musican. you can create hauntingly Beautiful Music and your followers also become more proficient.
L Specific rock. Creates a bond to a specific rock. and that rock is awesome. and it Thinks you are awesome. huge bonueses to anything that relates to that rock.
L Resonance builder. With each blow you can build up resonance. causing you to do increased damage, but also to take the damage yourself.
L Distributor of injuries. It lets you decide to take no damage, but each of the members of the crystal takes 50% of the damage.
L Wildfire. Flames Always seem to get bigger and more destructive around you.
L The drunk. You can now get drunk. Congratulations.
H Invader of sanctum. You may now invade other areas of the crystal realm.
H Packmaster Whenever you summon a minion you get Another one free.
H Aspect of the chimera Allows you to take on aspects of animals. (wings, claws, strength, poisonous fangs etc. etc.)
H Breeder of the chimera. Allows you to crossbreed animals.
H Egglayer You can summon minions cheaper by having them gestate in eggs.
H Gargantuan. You become much larger and gain a +3 bonus to strength and a +1 bonus to Health.
H Administrative aura. All your followers find it easier to focus on tedious tasks and numbers become easier to work with.
H Intoxication. You can become drunk and you can make others take on your state as well.
H Master of empowerment. empowerment is 50% cheaper.
H Swarmmaster. All your minions start with 2str and 2 Health when summoned.
H Connection of attraction and repulsion, a dual aspect. Another one in you crystal also gets this one when you get it. the 2 of you can at will attrack and repulse the other one.
H Terror. you inspire terror in an area around you.
H Lost objects. you start finding things. nice things.
S Necromastery. You prevent souls from leaving their bodies, causing them to become loyal undead.
S Firesinger. You command fire.
S (specific area) Southwestern grasslands. that area is indisputably your home, and you belong there. Free teleportation there at will, and you are strengthened depending on proximity up to + 10 str, +5 Health, +100% gnosis reg and a defence value of 5.
S Gravel. You command gravel.
S Gravity. You can affect gravity in an area to a degree.
U: Creator of elementals. You can create sentient elementals (like the Lightning elementals)
U The expected. Things have a tendency to go as is expected ( you can Exchange any roll for the average outcome) and people find that they are not shocked if wierd things happens.

Aspect levels:

Aspect types:
Personal: Affects you
Target Object/subject/concept: A specific thing that is connected to you.
Area: Affects an area around you
Follower: Affects you followers
Empowerment: boost your empoweremnts
Minion: boosts your minions
Global: Global effect
Minsc: minsc stuff

And now everything again. BUT IN ENGLISH!

Quick go-through of rules. If you have questions then ask me cause A LOT of the rules/circumstantial stuff is just in my head.

Armor has a value that each of them gives. Foe example some crappy leather armor would usualy give 1 armor. That means that for it to block something you have to roll a 20 for it to work. And if you have 5 armor you need to roll 16-20 to block.
Defence is a prepared action that you get from your last turn that you convert to a chance to avoid an attack. The chance to avoid/block the attack depends on several factors such as relative strength, speed of attack, area you’re in, how prepared you’re for the attack etc.

There are 3 kinds of damage, regular/SLASH always does normal damage unless there are special circumstances, for example facing an opponent made out of rock, Slashing has no special effect on armor.
PIERCING does 25% less damage but has an armor piercing value of 2-5 depending on the weapon. This means that if your opponent has 5 armor and you have 3 armor piercing his effective armor value against you is 2 instead.
CRUSHING does 10% less damage and has a negative 2 armor piercing value, but it does double damage to damage armor/inanimate objects which leads to them breaking faster.

Minions has the same kind of stat tables that you have for dmg and hp but instead of having crystal power they have a base hp of 10. But if you don’t spend points to increase their healt then their health is halved to 5. Every extra ability you want to add costs extra. The price varies in cost depending on what you want it to do and how it generally is(making a small minion fly is cheaper than a heavy one etc) and the abilities they can be given can be pretty much anything, flying, intelligence, healing ability, being a good tracker, glowing in the dark etc.
There is no limit to how many minions you can have at once asides from your ego and you can give them orders that they will obey to the best of their ability, (asking a blob to climb won’t work and a stubid one told to go pick up some granite won’t really tell the difference between different kinds of rock). You can at any time dismiss a minion and it will be just like summoning it and it will return all your ego spend on it in the course of a day. If the minion is killed the ego will instead return over the course of a month.

MAGIC: gnosis is used to use your native god-magic. The formula for making damaging spells with it is that for each damage you want to do you pay 1 gnosis, then you take that times the radius you want to affect (a radius of 1 or less is free). For example, if you want to affect a radius of 3 meter you take the damage times 3 and that is the cost. If you want do do damage over time you add a multiplier of 1+0.5 for each additional turn. So if you want to do 10 damage in a 3 meter radius for 3 turns you do 10 × 3 x (1+0.5+0.5)which is 60 gnosis. Healing follows the same formula except that the standard cost is doubled and the over time cost is halved, so 10 healing in a 3meter radius for 3 turns would be (10×2)x3x(1+0.25+0.25) which would end up at 90 gnosis.

You can recharge your gnosis by spending and action to recharge it, when you recharge you regain 10% of your max gnosis.

When you cast a spell that uses 10% or less of your total gnosis it takes 1 action, at 33% it takes a d3 actions, at 50% it takes a d4 actions and at 75-100% it takes a d6 actions. You can also add up to 4 d6 dice and for each of them add 25% to the damage/healing but on each roll of 1-3 you add that many actions to the casting time, on a roll of 4-6 no actions are added.

There are 3 other sorts of magic that you know of. Life force which comes from Gaia (the planet) and Spirit force which comes from Helios (the sun). To use them you use up your own spirit or life energy which will regenerate given time or that of a more or less willing person (you could for example torture someone to give it up) that supplies you with extra energy, this is the only way a god can use this sort of magic due to their lack of spirit/life. A god also need an aspect that gives them access to it. The third magic type is Glyph magic which uses different energies (life force, spirit force, electricity, heat, light etc) to power rituals that cause lasting effects.

Exempels of spells.

blinding flame:5mana, Summons a bright flame for a short while.
shadowbolt: 10mana, d10 Damage to a target within 50m. It is consisted out of dust etc that coalece and is accelerated. You can add extra mana to do extra damage with every 20th mana giving an extra d10.
shadowbeast:45mana, Summons a temporary shadowbeast to fight for you.
PERMANENT shadowbeast. 200 mana.

lens:5mana, Condences the moisture in the air to create a lens through which to see further (several ones can be combined for interesting effects)
flaming arrow: 20 mana, do 1d8 damage for d4 turns to a target within 30m. for every 40 Mana added the damage increases be 1d8.
bending cloak: 100 mana, You bend light around you to make yourself harder to detect for 2minutes.

In an opposing roll you roll a d20 vs their d20 with various modifications (strenght, size, aspects etc)
Doing things such as jumping between trees etc often warrant rolls, when that happens you roll an opposing roll vs the Gm with lots of modifications, a lot of the time you only need to roll a 2 or something vs the GMs 18 to win due to huge modifiers.

Size: Your size may be increased at 1000, 100,000 and 10,000,000 EGO
A size increase gives you a bonus of 50% movement speed and then +2/3/4 attack and +2/3/4 Health.

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